Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Big Lucy

I am greatly enjoying the new Lucinda Williams album, "Blessed". It is definitely up there with "West" as the best of her recent albums, and I suspect after a few more listens I may end up thinking it is her best since "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road".

We don't have any tracks from the album for download here. I'm not going to mess with Big Lucy (as she is affectionately known in the Goggins household) - she wants you to buy it, and so you should. Instead here are three of the many contributions she has made to tribute albums over the years. The tributes are to Kate Wolf, Mississippi John Hurt and Alejandro Escovedo respectively.

"Here In California" - Lucinda Williams (from "Treasures Left Behind", 1998)

"Angels Laid Him Away" - Lucinda Williams (from "Avalon Blues", 2001)

"Pyramid Of Tears" - Lucinda Williams (from "Por Vida", 2004)

Going back to "Blessed", the opening track - and lead-off single - "Buttercup" is particularly awesome. Here is a slightly ropey clip of Lucinda in Fayatteville last September, when she was still learning how to play it. It's great stuff.

And from way back when, here's a slightly more polished version of an old favourite.

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