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Wednesday 2 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mr F

My dear friend Mister F (of F-Life fame) celebrates yet another birthday today. At various points in the last twelve months or so he has been mistaken for a police officer, my gay partner and - best of all - my father. So today's selections have been chosen as a sort of tribute to him.

Happy birthday Dad/ lover boy/ officer (delete as applicable).

"Police Car" - Larry Wallis (1977)

"Johnny Are You Queer?" - Josie Cotton (1983)

"My Father's Name Is Dad" - Fire (1968)

I tried unsuccessfully to track down a video of Josie back in her heyday, but all I could find was this live clip of her performing a rather dire electro version last year.

I had slightly better luck with Larry, though.

And the biggest surprise of all:

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