Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth

Tomorrow the Olympics kick off down the end of my road (well, down the end of my road, turn left then right, nip over the motorway and there you are). So here are a few tunes that more or less have a link, some of them more "less" than "more".

"The Olympian" - The Skids

"Dance By The Light Of The Moon" - The Olympics

"Carrying The Torch" - Generationals

"Winners Together Or Losers Apart" - George & Gwen McCrae

"They Don't Give Medals To Yesterday's Heroes" - Chuck Jackson

"Skylight Man" - The Greatest Show On Earth

 I was going to subject you to a clip of Spandau Ballet's "Gold" but, looking at some of the security arrangements that have been put in place, this might be just as appropriate.

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