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Saturday 21 July 2012

Tsonga on Tsaturday

Yes, it's Tsonga time, folks! Today we have a new name with some impressive family connections. He's Prince Rhangani and he is the baby brother of the mighty Joe Shirimani. He's a dapper young man, as you can see on the cover of "Phelandaba", which came out last year. Dig those cuffs!

Needless to say, Joe plays a prominent part on "Phelandaba", co-writing and co-producing, and roping in his latest protege Benny Mayengani on a few tracks. Also worthy of mention are the backing vocals of Nurse Matlala, which feature prominently on the first selection today.

"Vamaseve" - Prince Rhangani

"Mali Mali" - Prince Rhangani (featuring Joe Shirimani and Benny Mayengani)

 From a Prince to a Princess. This takes me back.

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