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Sunday 26 August 2012

Carnival Weekend

Before we get to our scheduled post, let's pay tribute to Neil Armstrong with the help of Messrs Stewart, Fredericks and Goulden. Bow your heads respectfully for a few minutes, folks.

"Armstrong" - John Stewart

"Take A Giant Step" - Taj Mahal

"Walking On The Surface Of The Moon" - Wreckless Eric

On with business. It's August Bank Holiday here in the UK, which means the Notting Hill Carnival. And being a bank holiday weekend, it also means rain. If the weather is like it was yesterday they will be better off parading in boats than floats. Let's play a few sunshine carnival tunes in the hope they will keep the rain away. Some of these have been transferred from aged cassettes so the sound quality is a bit ropey, for which apologies.

"Notting Hill" - Explainer

"Don't Stop This Party" - Mighty Swallow

"Flag Woman" - Lord Kitchener

"Same Time, Same Place" - Mighty Sparrow

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