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Thursday 9 August 2012

The Bournemouth Bill

Way back in 1980 I saw the Clash play in Bournemouth on the "London Calling" tour, supported by the unlikely combination of Joe Ely and Mikey Dread.

By coincidence over the last couple of weeks I have picked up old cassette copies of Joe Ely's "Down On The Drag" (1979) and Mikey Dread's "Pave The Way Parts 1 & 2" (1985). Here are a couple of tracks from each. The sound quality of the Mikey Dread cassette is not all that great - apologies.

"Standing At The Big Hotel" - Joe Ely

"Maria" - Joe Ely

"Nowadays Youth" - Mikey Dread

"Knock Knock" - Mikey Dread

Having given you the undercard, I suppose it is only right we give you something from the headliners as well, so here is a little something from "London Calling".

"The Card Cheat" - The Clash

The thing about playing cards is, you've got to know when to hold 'em...

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