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Saturday 10 November 2012

Go Team A Go Go

I was at the Emirates this afternoon watching Arsenal bugger up yet another two goal lead and wondering what to blog about next, when a man behind my shouted "Go, Team!". Problem solved - well, musical problem solved, if not the footballing one.

Here in chronological order is a track from each of their albums: "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" (2004), "Proof of Youth" (2007) and "Rolling Blackouts" (2011).

"Huddle Formation" - The Go! Team

"Grip Like A Vice" - The Go! Team

"Apollo Throwdown" - The Go! Team


  1. Unless bloke behind you was American I refuse to believe this obviously made-up link.

  2. He was American, actually. He went on to shout "In the hole!", "Have a nice day", "Bada bing bada bong" and - surreally - "Hold the Mayo!"