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Thursday 20 December 2012

Unlucky Dip

Last week I was in a second-hand record shop - not in itself an unusual experience, it must be said - and they had a selection of "lucky dip" bags. For 50p you could acquire, sight unseen, 20 seven inch singles. I thought to myself, "well, whatever I get, that has to be a bargain".

It turns out I was wrong. I now have more Shakatak singles than I could ever want (one), and Neil Reid's "Mother of Mine" must have been sitting on the shelves for the best part of forty years before being palmed off on me.

These three are a pick of a not very inspiring bunch. They are OK. Apologies about the condition.

"Playground Romance (demo)" - Bakery Girls

"All The Myths On Sunday" - Diesel Park West

"Gold Rush" - Geezers of Nazareth

Amongst the other top hits I received was "Sit And Wait" by Sydney Youngblood. While searching for that on YouTube I came across his, er, reinterpretation of an old Etta James standard. Oh dear, oh dear. I feel I owe Elkie an apology. Compared to this, her disco version of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" is a stone cold classic.

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