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Thursday 7 February 2013

Allez Les Etalons!

Anyone who follows African football will be aware that this weekend's final of the African Nations Cup is a real David and Goliath affair, with the hot favourites from Nigeria taking on the plucky underdogs from Burkina Faso.

By getting to the final Les Etalons (The Stallions) must have already exceeded the expectations of even their most optimistic supporters. Their achievement gives me all the excuse I need to feature our old friend, Georges Ouédraogo, the Godfather of Burkinabe pop.

To avoid accusations of favouritism from our Nigerian readers, I have added a couple of tracks from the mighty Sir Victor Uwaifo.

"Toog Woodo" - Georges Ouédraogo

"Bembao" - Georges Ouédraogo

"Tear The Bag" - Sir Victor Uwaifo

"Ewere Noyoyo" - Sir Victor Uwaifo

Here is some top football related music for you.

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