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Saturday 23 February 2013

Swamp On Saturday

A little later than promised, here is a small selection from Swamp Dogg, or Jerry Williams Jr as his mother knew him. Swamp has been making music for nigh on 60 years, having released his first single in 1954 (as Little Jerry), and for me he is one of the greatest performers and producers there has ever been.

"Shipwrecked" - Jerry Willians (1968)

"Total Destruction Of Your Mind" - Swamp Dogg (1970)

"Dust Your Head Color Red" - Swamp Dogg (1972)

"Surfin' In Harlem" - Swamp Dogg (1991)

"Shipwrecked #2" - Cold Blue featuring Swamp Dogg (2004)

"They Crowned An Idiot King" - Swamp Dogg (2007)

I'm pleased to report that Mr Dogg is still going strong. Someone who sadly isn't is Kevin Ayers, who left us earlier in the week. Here is a little memento for you.


  1. Ernie, I especially like 'Shipwrecked' - had never heard it before. Do you happen to know what label it was on? Marie

  2. Marie

    It was originally released on Cotillion (catalogue no. 45-44022). I got it on an excellent compilation called "Blame It On The Dogg: The Swamp Dogg Anthology 1968-78". It mostly focuses on his writing and production for other artists (including the likes of Arthur Conley, ZZ Hill and Inez & Charlie Fozz), but includes a few of his own singles as well.

  3. That should be Inez & Charlie Foxx, of course. Big fingers, small keyboard

  4. Worth the wait Ernie
    You are indeed a man of your word!

  5. Thanks, Ernie. I love the variety of music that you post and the friendly 'feel' of your blog. I'm going to pick up the new Little Willie John set later this week because of the samples you provided.


  6. Oh, stop it, you two. You could turn a boy's head!