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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Always Blue, Never Bland

I heard the news earlier today that the great Bobby "Blue" Bland died on Sunday. He had one of the great soul voices and was a great influence on our old friend Mpharanyana and many, many others. Here is a small selection as an inadequate tribute. And we know where he's gone, ready to hold true to the promise he made in this first song.

"I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight" - Bobby "Blue" Bland

"It's Not The Spotlight" -  Bobby "Blue" Bland

"You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning" - Bobby "Blue" Bland

"Members Only" - Bobby "Blue" Bland

If I can get round to it, there may be a little bit more from Bobby tomorrow.


  1. Hadn't heard that Ernie
    Sad news
    First George now Bobby Blue - two great voices and masters of their craft

  2. You're right, we're having a bad run at the moment.