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Saturday 15 June 2013

Ron Pays His Respects

I'm off to see Lucinda Williams on Monday, which I'm looking forward to immensely. Big Lucy, as she is affectionately known round here, is a regular contributor to those single artist tribute albums you seem to see more and more of. This year alone she has done the honours for John Denver and Guy Clark (at least). So I had planned a "Big Lucy's Covers" post, until late in the day when I remembered I have done that before.

Instead you are getting Ron Sexsmith. Ron is another favourite of ours, and he pops up on these albums almost as often as Big Lucy (both are on "This One's For Him", the Guy Clark tribute, for example). Here is he playing tribute to - in alphabetical order - Guy Clark, George Harrison, Gordon Lightfoot, Nick Lowe and Judee Sill.

"Broken Hearted People" - Ron Sexsmith

"Give Me Love" - Ron Sexsmith

"Drifters" - Ron Sexsmith

"Where Is My Everything" - Ron Sexsmith

"Crayon Angels" - Ron Sexsmith

And here he is with one of my (many) favourite tracks of his own.

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  1. Top tune. Bluebeat Scene