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Saturday 3 August 2013

It's Tsonga Disco Month!

As promised, to make up for neglecting my mission in recent months, August is going to be Tsonga Disco Month here on 27 Leggies (perhaps not exclusively, but predominantly).

And we start with the exciting news that Brian over at the mighty Awesome Tapes From Africa is working with the even mightier Penny Penny and Joe Shirimani on efforts to re-release Papa Penny's classic "Shaka Bundu" album.

We'll keep you posted on that if it comes off, but in the meantime here are a couple of tracks from his follow-up album, "Juri Juri".

"Good Morning Papa Penny" - Penny Penny

"Mhannamizamani" - Penny Penny

And to top it off here he is with a performance of his song about the Ibola virus and AIDS that was apparently arranged to celebrate the unveiling of South African Airways' first Boeing 747-400. The quality is not great, but that just adds to the generally surreal nature of the thing.

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