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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Tsonga Month: Madlaks

As part of this month's efforts to revive the vibe here on the self-styled Home of Tsonga Disco, it is only right we should feature the man whose music got me into it all in the first place - Madlaks.

While far from the biggest star in the Tsonga firmanent, it was the discovery of his CD "Ndlho Ndlho Volume 1" in the African Music Store in Cape Town over Christmas 2008 that led to my love of Tsonga Disco, and to the creation of this blog. So feel free to praise him or curse him as you see fit. I'm in the praising camp, obviously.

Here is one from "Ndlho Ndlho", one from his 2009 follow-up "Zindamuti", and finally one from Skadlama's "Tekani Milawu Vananga" album, on which he guests.

"Changana" - Madlaks

"Jikamajika" - Madlaks

"2010 Yifikile" - Skadlama (featuring Madlaks)

While wallowing in nostalgia, I went back to my early posts to see what the first videos I posted were. These were the first three. You've got to admit, I got off to a flying start.

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