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Tuesday 24 September 2013

High Church Lowveld Style

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to listening to a CD I picked up for next to nothing in a second hand record shop in Cape Town over Easter (this is quite quick for me). The CD in question is "Hypocrites Unite" by Danny de Wet & the Lowveld Garage Band, and on the back cover it is described as "a collection of gospel songs including five secular tracks".

I believe - but cannot swear to it - that this is the same Danny de Wet who, as a drummer, has been a stalwart of the South African rock scene for many years with the likes of eVoid, Petit Cheval and Wonderboom. If it is him, then he was already "veteran drummer" Danny de Wet by the time this CD came out in 1999. Today's selections are two of the "gospel" songs. Nibs van der Spuy helps out on guitar on "Jesus Is Guarding Me".

"R.E.L.I.G.I.O.N" - Danny de Wet & the Lowveld Garage Band

"Jesus Is Guarding Me" -  Danny de Wet & the Lowveld Garage Band

And here is Danny (or a Danny anyway) looking faintly ridiculous behind the drumkit for Petit Cheval way back when. No prizes for guessing the decade.

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