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Thursday 5 September 2013


Like many music bloggers, I have a desperate need to feel loved. I check my numbers on Blogger and Hype Machine every day and feel full of self-worth when they have a surge.

Recently those b*gg*rs at Box have changed something or other with the result that my posts have stopped being picked up by Hype Machine. The number of hits has plummeted and I briefly thought of doing the same, before pulling myself together.

In an effort to remain positive I have told myself that this is in fact a good thing because I am now more exclusive. And in turn it means that you are more exclusive too. This is what I believe they call a win-win situation, so let's keep it that way for a little while (but only a very little while, please, Mr Box Helpline Man).

And what is it we tastemakers are grooving to at this particular point in the zeitgeist? Why, 1960s Greek pop, of course! Especially when it is as bonkers as "Hallo Beethoven".

"Hallo Beethoven" - The Girls

"Crazy Girl" - Aleka Kanelidou

"She's Cool" - The Lou Bbogg

"Agoraki" - The Charms

Those of you who could hear that last one above the sound of you stroking your beard would have immediately identified it as a cover of this old standard.

1 comment:

  1. How many hits do you get Ernie?
    I thought of subscribing to the Hype Machine but there is too much dross on it these days making it hard to find the wheat from the chaff
    I'll stick to my exclusive average of around 100 hits per day and rely on word of mouth and the good taste of my readers!