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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Dos And Don'ts

The post is called Dos and Don'ts, but that is not entirely accurate. While there are plenty of don'ts, there is only one Do.

But what a Do it is! This Friday the Wild Hare Club has its annual Christmas bash, and Richard has really pulled out all the stops this year. Topping the bill are The Urban Voodoo Machine, supported by an accordion playing DJ, a burlesque artiste, and a bloke from Flesh For Lulu. Truly, something for everyone! If you are even remotely on the same planet as Hereford, get yourself down there.

I think "something for everyone" also describes our selection of Don'ts. I have been playing and singing along with the first one obsessively this evening. Still, it gets you a seat to yourself on the number 8.

"Don't" - Elvis Presley

"Don't Be Angry" - Nappy Brown

"Don't Tell Me Because I'm Young" - Patrik Fitzgerald

"Don't Touch Me Tomato" - Phyllis Dillon

"Don't Let Your Love Start A War" - Pale Fountains

"Don't Believe In Christmas" - The Sonics

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