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Sunday 1 December 2013

The Only Ones

A sad day here at Leggies Central. I received an email from Roberto at Neoworx, who provided the visitor counter that used to appear down in the bottom right corner of the blog.

Neoworx are getting out of the old counting business because, to quote Roberto, "the shift from blogs to social networks and the overwhelming competition of free services has dramatically decreased my customer base to the point where I can no longer pay for the hosting of my servers".

Shakespeare once said, "nothing in his life became him like the leaving it". And so it is with Roberto for, despite his personal difficulties, he has found time to send his remaining customers one final count, showing the number of different unique visitors they have had, by country in descending order.

I have managed to rack up visitors from 184 countries. The top of the table is pretty predictable - US, UK, Germany, South Africa for the Tsonga Disco. More intriguing are the 21 countries from which I have only had one visitor. I would like to bring you a song about each of them but - in the absence of any tunes praising the Faroe Islands, Surinam and the Cook Islands - you will have to make do with these six.

"Paraguay" - Ludditak

"Woman From Liberia" - Jimmie Rodgers

"Uzbekistan" - Abdulaziz Karim

"Liechtenstein" - David Hoffbrand

"Kanaky - Nouvelle Caledonie" - Tim Sameke

"In Belize" - Jared Bartman

For what follows I apologise to you all. But most of all I apologise to Jared.

1 comment:

  1. End of an era Ernie
    As a non social medis bod I can only say - keep on blogging!