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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Bob's The Job

Should you ever find yourself in Essaouira in Morocco - and if you have any sense you will do at some point - make sure you pop into Bob Music on the main drag.

As you can probably tell, the proprietor is a big Bob Marley fan. He's a charming fellow and his shop is a magical mix of local CDs, musical instruments and random vintage album covers. This copy of Steel Pulse's classic "Handsworth Revolution" has admittedly seen better days, but then haven't we all.

One of the CDs I bought off him was "Argan D Cufgan" by Awarg Fusion, a band from just down the coast in Agadir. Here is a track from that album. I am not going to put up a Bob Marley track as I imagine the copyright police would be on that in a trice - you'll have to make do with the video below - but I am happy to risk some Steel Pulse for your delight and edification.

"Manza Tiwisi" - Awarg Fusion

"Babylon Makes The Rules" - Steel Pulse

I don't know if you were aware, but in days of old Essaouira was called Mogador, which gives me all the excuse I need to play this (historically inaccurate) old favourite.

"The Maharajah Of Mogador" - Robin Williamson & His Merry Band

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