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Tuesday 29 April 2014

On The Buses

I have lived in London for just short of thirty years - longer than many of you hipsters out there have been alive, I daresay - and given the choice have always travelled by bus rather than tube. More time but less stress.

Some of my speed-loving acquaintances have mocked me, implying that...

"You're Crazy For Taking The Bus" - Jonathan Richman

... but when the tube drivers go on strike, being a bus nerd who knows all the routes is a major advantage. Unlike many of my fellow citizens, it has taken me no longer to get around today than it normally does. So let's hear it for that Monarch of the Road, the London bus.

"A Transport Of Delight" - Flanders & Swann

"Number One Bus" - Nuru Kane

"Fourpenny Bus Ride" - Dantalion's Chariot

"Bus Conductor" - Poser

"Bus Stop" - The Hollies

And when you want the bus to stop, what do you do? Ring the bell, of course.


  1. Disco gets a bad rap these days, but are you naysayers out there telling me that you don't feel like shaking your booty around the living room right now? I, for one, can't sit still . . .

  2. Hope you got Andy James, Frank and Walter's Happy Busman behind the wheek!

  3. That Nuru Kane track is blowing my mind!