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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Single Song Tuesday

This was going to be a Single Song Sunday post but then the pesky uploading problems I mentioned in my last post started and I couldn't do it. They seem to have gone back from whence they came, but as I am off on my hols this Sunday I thought I would do this now rather than wait until I get back, by which time I will have forgotten all about it. So, with apologies to the purists, here we go.

After the "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" Single Song Sunday, I had a request for a selection of covers of Bob Dylan's completely original and not in any way nicked off the English folkies he hung about with in the early 1960s' "Girl Of/From The North Country".

I'm not posting either of Bob's official versions as he probably he has "people" who take umbrage at that sort of thing. But the "Nashville Skyline" version was a duet with Johnny Cash, and Johnny himself teamed up with Joni Mitchell to do the song on his television programme. It's an unlikely combination but it is really rather lovely, so we will kick off with that. As I created the mp3 from the clip at the end the sound quality isn't brilliant, but it's good enough. 

The rest of them are pretty good as well.

"Girl Of The North Country" - Johnny Cash & Joni Mitchell

"Girl Of The North Country" - Howard Tate

"Girl From The North Country" - Link Wray

"Girl From The North Country" - Jimmy LaFave

"North Country Girl" - Pete Townshend

"North Country" - Roy Harper

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  1. Glad ypu've sorted out your gremlins Ernie - enjoy your hols