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Thursday 29 May 2014

A Right Bunch Of Nancys

I have just had a few days in Spain - a bit of work in Madrid, preceded by a weekend in the fine city of Avila. While in Madrid I popped into Discos La Metrellata, which is one of my favourite record shops anywhere. It is underground and often mistakenly visited by people assuming it leads to the nearby underground car park. The length of time I spend in there depends on (a) how much time I have available and (b) whether the air conditioning is working. Fortunately the answer to (b) was yes on this occasion, so I was able to have a good dig round without fainting.

I'll share some of the goodies I acquired there with you shortly, but today's selection comes from the much smaller, but no less groovy, Discos 70 in Avila. What rational person could resist an album called "Gabba Gabba Nancy"? Not me, that's for sure.

The album is by an outfit called Nancys Rubias (The Blonde Nancys). As of 2007, when the album was made, the line-up was Nancy Anorexic, Nancy Transvestite, Nancy O, Nancy Reagan and The Real Nancy Blonde. If they are looking to recruit more members, they could do worse than sign up Shaky Nancy and Nancy Whiskey. By the sound of them, they would fit right in.

"Nancy Ramone" - Nancys Rubias

"Televisión" - Nancys Rubias

"Shaky Nancy" - Richard Thompson

"Nancy Whiskey" - The Dubliners

I think I might be in love.


  1. The Bottle Rockets - "Nancy Sinatra"

  2. Excellent - one more for the playlist: