Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Tsonga Prince

UPDATE 21 MAY 2014

And an apology for talking utter rubbish as well. When I wrote this post on Prince Rhangani's latest album yesterday I repeated a claim I originally made a couple of years ago to the effect that he is Joe Shirimani's younger brother. I can't remember where I got that from - somewhere in Internetland.

The lesson I have learned is always to try to check a primary source, which in this case is the Prince's own website. While he has indeed worked closely with the Tsonga Svengali - most notably in a "super-group" with Joe and Benny Mayengani called Limpopo Poison - he is no relation. In fact about all I got right was that the album is called "Xiwitsi", that it came out last year, and that Messrs Shirimani and Mayengani feature strongly.

Sadly, if the word on the street is anything to go by, it appears that Limpopo Poison have recently split in acrimonious circumstances, with Joe going one way and Benny and the Prince another. This article places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Benny Mayengani, but we are not taking sides, just lamenting that they may not be teaming up to make music this good again.

"Nwa Maxalani" - Prince Rhangani

"Kung Fu" - Prince Rhangani

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