Monday, 17 August 2015

Dilijan Disco

More from Armenia today, after which we will give it a rest (you may be relieved to know). Today's selections come from "Assorti 2", an mp3 compilation of recent Armenian hits. As the nice lady in Vanadzor market who sold it to me explained, "these songs draw equally on traditional Armenian melodies and modern American rhythms and production methods to create a magical musical melange". Actually all she said was "Armenia, Good" over and over again, but that was clearly what she was attempting to convey.

"Boginya" - Vache Amaryan

"Yaro Jan" - Razmik Amyan

For our vintage video clip we recruit that well known member of the Armenian diaspora, Ms. Cherilyn Sarkisian. I hasten to add that the song title could never be applied to her esteemed countrymen and women.


  1. Listening to these two Ernie reminds me of the "pimba" music we get here, a sort of pop-music-with accordions, and when seen on tv usually involves scantily-clad women gyrating, all in front of a crowd of about 50 bemused middle-aged men and women, and a few young children.

  2. I like it already, George, I like it already. Any pimba megastars you can recommend?

  3. I know where to find bemused middle-age men, if that helps?