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Sunday 23 August 2015

Single Song Sunday

This Sunday our single song is "I'm Just A Country Boy". Best known through Don Williams' 1977 version, it actually started life as a Harry Belafonte B-side in 1954. I am not madly keen on Harry's version but it is included for historical reasons.

It wasn't just Harry. George McCurn (formerly of the Fairfield Four, gospel fans), Sam Cooke and Ronnie Lane all had a go before Don got round to it. After that, Alison Krauss changed it from the first person to the third person and Robert Ward changed the title completely for his excellent if ramshackle blues version, but it's the same song. Our Mandatory Reggae Version comes from Cornell Campbell.

There is allegedly a version by Richard Manuel from The Band which I imagine must be pretty good, but I couldn't find it. If any of you have it, any chance you could send it on over?

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  Harry Belafonte 

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  Don Williams

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  Sam Cooke 

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance 

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  George McCurn 

"I'm Just A Country Boy" -  Cornell Campbell

"You're Just A Country Boy" -  Alison Krauss 

"Silver And Gold" -  Robert Ward

And here is something that isn't the same thing at all.

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