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Sunday 20 September 2015

Golden Days

Those nice folks at VP Records recently sent me a complimentary copy of "Reggae Gold 2015", which features some of the biggest reggae hits of the year to date. I suspect I may be abusing their generosity by posting a couple of tracks, but hopefully doing so will encourage you to go off and buy the album - there is a lot of good stuff on there.

The first track is more golden oldie than "Reggae Gold 2015", being as it is a reworking by Inner Circle of one of their great songs from the 1970s, while the second is an all too rare example of fruit-based reggae.

"Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread)" - Inner Circle (featuring Chronixx and Jacob Miller)

"Avocado" - Jah 9

I tried to find a clip of Barry Biggs' version of "One Bad Apple" to continue the fruit-based reggae theme, but I couldn't. So you'll have to settle for this instead.

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