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Friday 15 January 2016

A Rag Bag Of Riches

I am off to Lisbon tomorrow for a week's break, where I intend to spend the time avoiding salted cod and scouring the second-hand record shops for that Portuguese schlager stuff that George so enjoys. To tide you over, here are some of the posts you might have got next week had I been here.

We start with a track from the self-titled debut album by Dori Freeman. It does not come out until February but those nice people at Hearth PR sent me an advance copy. It is very good indeed, and if you are a fan of any form of country music you should check it out.

March sees the release of the new album by the mighty Pierce Turner, "Love Can't Always Be Articulate". I pledged some dosh to help him make the album and in exchange he sent me some goodies. They arrived today and include a copy of his limited edition mini-album of a few years back, "Catch A Wave". We give you the title track, which most of you will spot is a Beach Boys cover.

Tracks 3 and 4 come from a bumper selection of CDs from the boxes outside a rather ramshackle second-hand shop I found between Old Street and the Barbican the other day. They were 50p a pop and definitely justify another visit. The Daykil Chosan Group are from Gambia; Asha Bhosle is of course the Queen of Bollywood.

Finally we mark a sad passing. Understandably a lot of attention has been paid to the sad deaths of David Bowie and Lemmy, but we also lost a soul legend last week. RIP Otis Clay.

"Any Wonder" - Dori Freeman

"Catch A Wave" - Pierce Turner

"Kaira" - Daykil Chosan Group

"Dum Maro Dum" - Asha Bhosle

"You Hurt Me For The Last Time" - Otis Clay

"I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight" - Otis Clay

Mr Clay was also responsible for the original - and considerably better - version of this:


  1. I've always loathed Yazz's version (as if anyone gave a flying fig what I thought) and, until your timely post, had no idea Otis Clay had written the (vastly superior) original. It's not really my kind of music but respect where respect is due and thanks for posting.

  2. Looking forward to reading about your Pimba finds. Lisbon's a great city, you'll love it.