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Monday 25 January 2016

Hey Jó!

I had an excellent time in Lisbon last week and have returned with a potentially intriguing musical mix. No pimba I am afraid, George - most of the record shops I visited were a bit too snooty to stock it - but I do have some kizomba, some sertanejo, a compilation of early Laurel Aitken singles and B-sides (which I know will be excellent) and a compilation of Portuguese rock from the early 1980s (which I suspect will be dreadful). Add to that tatty old singles by the likes of Fatima Ferreira, Orchestra Spettacolo Raoul Casadei and Fischer-Z and we have something for everyone I am sure.

As you would imagine there is a lot of Brazilian music available in Lisbon. And in Farringdon as it happens. It must have been fate that led me to wander into a charity shop there this morning and alight immediately on a Brazilian reggae album - "Força" by Andread Jó. Here are the title track and the dub version of that old standard ""Platônico Ou Pode Ser...".

"Força" - Andread Jó

"Platônico Ou Pode Ser... (Dub Version)" - Andread Jó

Fischer Z were bigger on the Continent than they ever were over here. If Wikipedia is to be believed, this was a number one in Portugal in 1981.

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