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Sunday 31 July 2016

Single Song Sunday

After a bit of a hiatus, Single Song Sunday returns. And it's a bit of a corker, even though I say so myself. Of course, it helps that we've chosen one of the many classic tunes Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham seemed to be able to churn out at will in the 1960s - "I'm Your Puppet".

We start with Dan's own version from his 1994 album "Do Right Man", which leads into the hit (and still best) version by James and Bobby Purify from 1966. After that was a smash, the soul royalty piled in as the next few covers show. So, later on, did any number of weedy indie types. The Mandatory Reggae Version comes courtesy of Jimmy London (Dandy Livingston's is also worth checking out), and we end with a special treat for Mister F.

"I'm Your Puppet" - Dan Penn

"I'm Your Puppet" - James & Bobby Purify

"I'm Your Puppet" - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

"I'm Your Puppet" - Dionne Warwick

"I'm Your Puppet" - Irma Thomas

"I'm Your Puppet" - Joe Pernice

"I'm Your Puppet" - Jimmy London

"I'm Your Puppet" - Dave Kusworth

After James & Bobby Purify's success with the song, any number of duets tackled it. Marvin & Tammi, obviously, Sam & Dave, Mel & Tim etc. I've spared you the Elton John and Paul Young attempt, but felt I had to include this one just because the combination of duet partners is so unlikely.


  1. Good stuff Ernie
    There is also a good version by Helen Watson on her covers album Doffing

  2. I've searched for the Elton John/Paul Young version, and listened to it, but not all the way through, I didn;t like it very much, it was, well, a bit pointles really (the song and my searching for it!)

  3. Ah yes, great song and you've captured some good covers there too. Hadn't realised it was a Dan Penn song. Thanks for posting