Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ernie's Dating Agency

As much to my surprise as yours, there turns out to be a second instalment of our planned new series in which we aim to bring together well-matched musicians who are looking for love. Ms Bramlett, Mr Holman is the answer to your question.

"Where's Eddie?" - Bonnie Bramlett

"Eddie's My Name" - Eddie Holman

Without wishing to burden you with my secret sorrow, there is a noticeable shortage of women asking the question "Where's Ernie?" at the moment. So much so that - just like my more famous, handsome and charismatic namesake -  my only company of an evening is a rubber duck.


  1. What happened to Gospel Wednesday?

  2. After one episode it turned into Gospel Tuesday. Who knows where it will appear next? Not me, that's for sure

  3. There may be no women asking the question but you'll always be the fastest milkman in the west - they can't take that away from you! Me, I have a similar problem

    1. I'm not entirely sure that is a compliment but thank you anyway