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Wednesday 14 September 2016

George 'n Buckey

I went to an excellent show on Sunday night, being held to celebrate Little Roy's 50th year in the music business. Roy himself headlined, with top notch backing from the Mafia & Fluxy band and True Identity.

We have featured Little Roy here fairly recently, so instead we are going to pick out a couple of the support acts. I counted eight in total, rising to ten if you include the solo turns by True Identity and Mafia & Fluxy (as you should).

Personally I thought it was a few too many. Everything was rather rushed, with some acts barely able to finish their number before being hustled off stage to make way for the next. For the 60th anniversary, maybe they should have two or three shows and let everyone have a proper go.

Anyway, two of the three highlights from the undercard were George Dekker, long-time stalwart of the Pioneers, who did a sizzling version of their "Pusherman", and Buckey Ranks - a new name to me - with this song he wrote for his Mum after his Dad died of prostate cancer.

"Pusherman" - The Pioneers

"Hang On Mama" - Buckey Ranks

The third highlight was True Identity. I am a bit biased, as I am proud to say they are friends of mine, but even if they weren't I would be a fan. Hopefully this lo-fi video that I took on the night demonstrates why.


  1. Ernie Goggins - friend of the stars
    Enjoyed that video

    1. Thanks, CC, I'll pass that on to the ladies. They will be flattered to hear that from a surfer of the zeitgeist like yourself