Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hit The Decks

This is a public service announcement. If any of our readers in the East London area had plans to go to the Eleanor Arms in Bow on Friday or Saturday night to enjoy the ever-tasteful music collection of superstar landlord/DJ 'The Minestrone of Sound', we would strongly advise against it.

Frankie and Lesley are having an extremely well-earned holiday and, in a momentary lapse of reason, have asked me to stand in as the music man. If you do happen to pop in, please come over and say hello. I'll be the middle-aged man next to the door looking baffled by technology.

To get me suitably psyched up for the occasion, tonight we feature songs by and about some of my fellow Toilers at the Turntable.

"Uxikumile" - DJ Brian (featuring Amos Ngomane)

"Mi Kolombia" - Systema Solar (featuring DJ Fresh)

"Listen DJ" - Sandra Cross

"Mr DJ" - Stan Mosley

And, of course, no feature on DJs would be complete without our old friend Sven.

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