Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hellenic Hipsters

I was in Athens the other day and took a stroll down Skoufa Street. It is awash with Hellenic hipsters these days - bearded bods drinking coffee from jam jars, the whole works. So when I turned off at Sina Street, popped into my favourite local second hand record shop, and found a CD proclaiming itself to be "the definitive Greek indie/ alternative compilation", I felt inspired to buy it.

The CD is called "Radio Spectrum", it came out in 2013, and if it is supposedly definitive then I feel no desire to explore that particular scene further. I found the bands all a bit dull and samey, rather like hipsters. Here are a couple of the better efforts.

"Perfect Maniac" - Expert Medicine

"What Are The Chances" - Dusk

For proper Greek alternative music, you still can't beat this lot.

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  1. Beverley: "Do you like Demis Rousoss?"
    Laurence: "We don't want to listen to that fat Greek caterwauling all night".