Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Band of Make Believe

Some early seventies soul for you tonight, courtesy of The 8th Day. One of the acts that released records on Holland-Dozier-Holland's Invictus label, the jury seems to be out as to whether - at the time that these two tunes came out - they were a "real" band at all.

Wikipedia seems to think they were 100 Proof Aged In Soul under another name. Other sources think it was a name used by H-D-H to release songs they had recorded with a rotating cast of studio musicians. All sources agree that The 8th Day had a great career in front of them until H-D-H made the mistake of putting together a permanent line-up, after which they disappeared without trace.

"You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)" - The 8th Day

"I've Come To Save You" - The 8th Day

Which leads us naturally to another "Eighth Day". Has anyone ever come up with a better song lyric than "Let's make some germs, we'll frighten the worms"? I think not.

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