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Saturday 5 November 2016

Boppin' In Brisbane

Some folks might approach a CD called "Australian Rock 'n Roll: The Early Years" with a degree of caution. Not me, I fling myself on such things eagerly, especially when they are going for only 50p.

It was definitely worth 50p; I might even go as high as a couple of quid if pushed. The phrase "The Early Years" is used rather loosely though, as the compilation covers the period 1959-1979. There is some good stuff on there, most of which was new to me. Like these three (well, to be honest, only the second and third are good to listen to, but the first qualifies due to the excellent title).

"He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy" - Little Pattie

"Fool, Fool, Fool" - Ray Brown & The Whispers

"The Real Thing" - Russell Morris

Also featured on the CD were these two old favourites.

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