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Saturday 26 November 2016

Pogoing in Pamplona

I've just returned from a week working in Madrid and Paris. It's a tough old life. I didn't get much time to go browsing record shops, but a quick trip to FNAC in Madrid yielded some goodies, most notably the magnificently named "Pink! Pank! Punk! (Volumen 1)".

It is a three CD compilation of early 1980s Spanish punk - 15 bands, 65 tracks. Not speaking the language I am unable to fully appreciate the biting humour and stinging social commentary than undoubtedly permeates the lyrics of all 65, but I don't think even a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish is needed to work out what these three are about.

"Ataque Preventivo de la URSS" - Polanski Y El Ardor

"Aqui Esta El IV Reich" - Conservantes Adulterados

"Oh No, Policia En Accion" - Eskorbuto

As fun as they are, they were not the musical highlight of my trip to Madrid. Strolling through the district of Lavapies last Sunday evening in search of a beer and a bite to eat, my friend and I stumbled upon this gentleman singing in a humble bar. His dress sense, his hairstyle, and most of all his singing, made him instantly a new hero of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the mighty El Rumbero de la Vallecas, accompanied by his son Amilio on guitar:


  1. That bloke in Eskorbuto sounds very angry.

    1. And wouldn't you be, what with the police in action and all that?