Monday, 6 March 2017

In Which The Facade Crumbles

Over the years I have been doing this blog, I have carefully cultivated an image of being a hip and happening guy with his finger on the pulse of whatever musical scene is about to burst forth - a surfer of the zeitgeist, if you will.

Sadly, I must reveal that has all been a facade. I am in fact a middle-aged man with an alarming weakness for Gilbert O'Sullivan. I went to see the Great Man last night on his 50th anniversary tour, and while not without the occasional moment of naffness - it was Gilbert, after all - he put on an excellent show. His leap onto the keyboard to conduct the communal singing on "Get Down" was surprisingly sprightly for a man of 70.

Here are a couple of personal early favourites of his, followed by a video of him performing his neglected 1980s funk standard, "So What". Herbie Hancock, eat your heart out.

"Houdini Said" - Gilbert O'Sullivan

"We Will" - Gilbert O'Sullivan


  1. Never been a fan of Gilbert O, but I'm delighted that you have plucked up the courage to reveal your secret shame. I hope you're not the subject of constant mocking now your guilty secret is out.

  2. I kept a Gilbert O'Sullivan scrapbook as a kid!

    1. You looked for stories and pictures of Gilbert o'Sullivan, cut them out and kept them? I've known you for decades now and never knew that about you.

    2. It is not something I widely broadcast but I suspect that has now changed!

  3. Apologies, CC. I knew I was condemning myself, but I didn't mean to take a good man down with me