Thursday, 30 March 2017

Madlaks Returns

Newer readers may glance up at the strapline at the top of the page and wonder, what is "Bringing Tsonga Disco to the Masses" meant to mean? The veterans among you will know that when I started this blog eight years or so ago, it was specifically to share my love for the dance music of the Tsonga (or Shangaan) people of South Africa and Mozambique.

Most of the time the masses have been largely indifferent - and we have long since strayed from the purity of the original mission - but every now and then their interest gets piqued. In our own small way we have helped the likes of Awesome Tapes From Africa and DJ LeBlanc spread the good word to their hip and happening audiences.

And it appears the masses are having another burst of enthusiasm. The other evening I logged on and found three emails asking for help in tracking down music by Madlaks. According to one of them a "famous Dutch DJ" had been playing "Jikavonunu", they had fallen for it as I did, and their search had led them to me.

I was particularly pleased to learn that Madlaks and his "Ndlho Ndlho" album is getting more recognition, as that was the record that first made me fall for Tsonga disco. To celebrate, here's a couple of tracks from the album that we haven't featured before.

"Angaharikona" - Madlaks

"Misavaseyiherile" - Madlaks

PS I was very disappointed to learn in a later email from the same correspondent that the famous Dutch DJ was someone called Young Marco and not, as I had hoped, DJ Sven. He's still the king!


  1. Before I get to these tracks I should say that I really enjoyed sixty-six-and-two-thirds per cent of the "mother tracks".

    1. So that's Neil Reid, obviously - one of your country's finest ever performers, of course - but which of the other two?

  2. Hey Ernie!

    Also found about your blog through the Young Marco Set. After i did some research on the Madlaks Tracks, i wasn't able to find any high quality versions (320kbps+) to buy/download. Now i`m wondering if you know any place where i can these tracks in a higher Quality?

    Best regards

    1. got some luck ? .. it is summer and i don't have a copy yet *panic-mode*

    2. Apologies, thought I had replied to this but must have been to a different comment on an older Madlaks post. I can't help, I am afraid. I bought the two Madlaks CDs I have about eight years ago in a record shop in Cape Town that has now shut down. I have never seen them on sale anywhere else, either in shops or online.