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Thursday 11 May 2017

Av Böcker Och Skor

The erudite amongst you will have worked out immediately that the title of today's post is Swedish for "Of Books and Shoes" (sincere apologies to The Swede if that is not in fact the case - blame Google Translate).

And that in turn will probably lead you to think that you are going to be treated to some fine vintage Swedish psychedelia courtesy of Gothenburg's finest, The Tages.

Look, you were right!

"I Read You Like An Open Book" - The Tages

"I Left My Shoes At Home" - The Tages

Given the title of the first track, this seemed singularly appropriate for today's clip.

Oh all right then, here's the other one as well.


  1. Good to hear some Swedish psychedlic pop, it doesn't disappoint (unlike the Portuguese entry for this year's eurovision, young Salvador has really let the side down there)

    1. You may need to take back your comment about Salvador now. Congratulations to your adopted country although, like you by the sound of it, I rather struggle to see the appeal. Personally I was backing the Romanian yodeller.

  2. That's some great lyrics on the 2nd Tages track. They don't write them like that any more!