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Wednesday 3 May 2017

What The Fussell Is About

Earlier in the week I ventured up to darkest Dalston to see the exotically named Jake Xerxes Fussell at the hipster hangout that is Cafe Oto. Physically he definitely looks more like a Jake than a Xerxes, as I feel this photo shows.

Musically he specialises mostly in what our American friends might call "old-timey" music, but he does it in a very sprightly and appealing way. His new album, "What in the Natural World", is well worth getting hold of. This track is actually from his self-titled debut album and was one of the highlights of his performance; as was a very nice rendition of Allen Toussaint's "Freedom for the Stallion". Nobody does that quite like Mr Dorsey though.

"Pork And Beans" - Jake Xerxes Fussell

"Freedom For The Stallion" - Lee Dorsey

Today's clip is dedicated to the peculiar Emo Phillips/ Freddie Garrity hybrid who kept trying to block Mister F's view of the support act. It is a marvellous video but - and I can't emphasise this enough - it is for research only.


  1. I'm envious, I really wanted to catch Jake on this trip. Incidentally, I saw Joe Henry perform a lovely version of 'Freedom For the Stallion' earlier this year.

  2. I like this Jake Xerxes Fussell track. It's a pity his first name isn't Xerxes, how great would that be? And imagine when you were young: "I'm off out now", "Where?", "Xerxes' house"."Hello Mrs Fussell, is your Xerxes coming out to play?".

  3. By the way, that "hello Mrs Fussell.." commment in no way should be read as some sort of sexual innuendo