Thursday, 24 August 2017

Doctor's Orders

Here are half a dozen doctors for you. Most good, one bad, and one a worm. A personal highlight is "Dr. Thomas Chauke", an excellent tribute from one Tsonga music master to another, but they are all worth a listen. I even remembered to include the Mandaory Reggae Physician for you.

My sister Kate is a doctor and a general all round marvel, so this one is dedicated to her.

"Dr. Love" -  Bobby Sheen

"Doctor Worm" - They Might Be Giants

"Dr. Thomas Chauke" - General Muzka

"Doc Cunningham, 1868" - Bob Frank & John Murry

"Dr. Rodney" - Carl Dawkins

"Doctor Jon (The Medicine Man)" - Jon & Robin


  1. Dr. Love "I've got a PhD in love-ology". What a great lyric.
    Dr. Worm - that's not really about a worm, is it?

    1. Well, if the narrator himself is to be believed, he is a real worm but he's not a real doctor. I suppose I should have struck him off, but where do you stop? I rather doubt whether Dr. Love or Doctor Jon's credentials would stand up to scrutiny either

    2. Dr Love is a real doctor, he's got a love-ology