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Friday 4 August 2017

Pop in Penang, Part 2

We have had a request from George for some of the cover versions featured on the ace Malaysian 1970s compilation, "Kugirama - The Greatest Hots of Pop Band".

So here are Black Dog Bone demonstrating their mastery of both types of music - fast and slow - and Discovery with their squelchy version of "Gimme Litle Sign". As a special treat for you all, I've added Brenton Wood's incomparable original.

"Khayalan" - Black Dog Bone

"Hatiku Luka Lagi" - Black Dog Bone

"Berilah Ku Suata Tanda" - Discovery

"Gimme Little Sign" - Brenton Wood

In case you are struggling to place the Black Dog Bone tracks, here are a couple of subtle clues.


  1. Many thanks for these three tracks. I do like the cover of the Brenton Wood song. I've never liked Earth Wind and Fire so that cover does nothing for me. But the cover of Kiss and Say Goodbye is superb, love it!

  2. I think The Manhattans version is better, but I really really like that cover.

  3. A pleasure to be of service, George