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Sunday 1 October 2017


We kick off October with a selection of some of the better freebies that I've received over the last couple of months. They are all from new albums that have either just been released or are just about to be. I've added the album title so you know what to look for when you decide you need to explore further.

"So True" - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (from "The Echo of Pleasure")

"Scene Here" - SISTERS (from "Wait Don't Wait")

"Ambulance" - Dylan Hicks (from "Ad Out")

"The Light Of Day" - Kacy & Clayton (from "The Siren's Song")

"The Moon's Detriment" - Shannon Lay (from "Living Water")

Another favourite recent freebie is "War Surplus" by Becky Warren. I was going to include it but then spotted that it first came out last year but is being promoted again. A good job too because I missed it first time round and I suspect many others may have done too. Here's a video clip:


  1. Loved "So True" and "Dive Bar Sweetheart". Thanks for posting this music.

  2. That Kacy and Clayton track is rather good! If it was a song about incest murder and robbery it would not have been out of place on Tarnation's first album

    1. Tarnation, you say? Sounds like an outfit I should check out