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Saturday 7 October 2017


I had a most enjoyable evening at the Barbican yesterday courtesy of the Spacebomb Revue - a one-off gig featuring an array of artists who have had their records released on Spacebomb Records and/or recorded in Spacebomb studios and/or produced by Spacebomb head honcho Matthew E. White.

Hosted by Mr. White, as was only right, the singers were rotated rapidly using the "if you don't like this one, there will be another one along in a minute" system. Fortunately I liked most of them, including some I had never heard of before such as Cocoon and Bedouine.

It helped that, musically, for most of the evening you could have been back in the 1970s. There was no shortage of Southern soul, louche funk and Laurel Canyon moments. Foxygen appeared to be going for the Lou Reed meets 'Discovery'-era ELO vibe. And as for Howard Ivans - while I'm not sure the world really needs a new Boz Scaggs, if it does then its him.

"Follow The Leader" - Foxygen

"Retreat" - Cocoon

"Skyline" - Bedouine

"Never Over You" - Natalie Prass

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  1. Listening to these tracks, you could be back in the 1970s. Bedouine remind me of The Caropenters.