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Monday 6 November 2017

Da Doo Ronnie Ronnie

This will be the last post from me for a week or so. I'm off to Germany in the morning for a few days' work followed by a weekend mooching round Berlin.

Bearing in mind the somewhat lukewarm response last time we featured some German popular music on here, I have decided to spare you that - although you know as well as I do it is just deferring the inevitable. Instead, here are six soulful Ronnies to keep you company while I'm gone.

"Put Your Tears Away" - Ronnie Jones

"A Wednesday In Your Garden" - Ronnie Dyson

"I'd Much Rather Be With The Girls" - Ronnie Spector

"Guess I'll Never Understand (The Workings Of Your Mind)" - Ronnie Walker

"Se Algeum Chorou" - Ronnie Von

"A Million Miles to Paradise" - Ronnie Cook & The Superbs

And here's another excellent Ronnie as an extra special treat.

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