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Tuesday 28 November 2017

Mister Matafale from Malawi

Last time out we had some top tunes from Zimbabwe for you. Today we are hopping over the border to Malawi to bring you some soulful reggae courtesy of Evison Matafale and his Black Missionaries.

Evison died while in police custody in 2001, officially due to natural causes linked to a pre-existing illness. He was a critic of the then President of Malawi, Bakili Muluzi. There are those who suspect the two statements are not unconnected.

"Yang'ana Nkhope" - Evison Matafale & The Black Missionaries

"ZakaZonsezi" - Evison Matafale & The Black Missionaries

Some of you may have noticed things have been a bit irregular around here recently. That is mainly because I've been travelling quite a bit, but things are quietening down on that front so should be livening up on this one. I'm even considering a special 'Twelve Days of Nederfolk' feature for you, if I can get round to getting it sorted (you may have your fingers crossed that I don't).

Until next time, here is an utterly unrelated video. This is for a pal of mine.

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