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Tuesday 2 January 2018

Big in Bangkok

A belated welcome to 2018. I hope you all saw in the new year in style. I was down our local pub, where there was some controversy about the winner of the fancy dress competition. He claimed to be Kurt Cobain, but most of us thought he was Noel Edmunds.

Let's kick the year off in style with some souped up Thai traditional music, courtesy of the magnificently named Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. Crazy name and, presumably, crazy guys.

"Studio Lam Plearn" -  Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

"Show Wong Molam International" - Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

Both tracks come from their 2014 album "21st Century Molam" which is worth checking out. Some tracks on the album have bizarre echoes of this old favourite. Whether Pan's People are performing a traditional Thai dance routine in the clip I couldn't tell you (although I suspect not).


  1. I am looking at this album right now wondering whether or not to spend some of my christmas money on it. I really hope they can play at the world music festival near us this year.
    And Boa Ano, Ernie.

  2. If they do I may have to find an excuse to come over

  3. ......I've just gone and bought the album....

    1. I don't think you'll regret it, but if you do I operate a strict "no refunds" policy