Thursday, 11 January 2018

Of General Interest

In this week's second Tsonga Disco installment, we are delighted to welcome back our old friend General Muzka. Along with his former sparring partner, Penny Penny, we have probably featured him more than anyone else on here.

But while Papa Penny appears to have pretty much hung up his mike, the General is still going strong. In fact, his 2016 album "Dr Thomas Chauke (Nyoresh)" is one of his best. Today's first track comes from that, the second from "Off Duty" which I think was released in 2015 (the sleeve notes are not exactly copious).

"Wava Kwanu" - General Muzka

"Nghunyuta Hiku Vona" - General Muzka

Dropping down the ranks a bit, here's Lt. Stitchie with some sensible advice for women who pretend their feet are smaller than they really are.

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