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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Back To The Front Line

A month or so back I featured a couple of tracks from "Front Line Presents Reggae Discomixes", a compilation of 12" singles from the late 1970s on Virgin's short-lived reggae subsidiary, Front Line. It is far too good a compilation to fob off with a single spin, so here are two more highlights.

"Innocent Blood" - Culture

"Cairo/ Cairo Dub" - Joyella Blade

The old farts among you may be thinking to yourself "this is a cover version of the old Amazulu hit", but you would be wrong; it is the other way round. Joyella's original came out in 1978, while Amazulu didn't get round to it until 1983 (also their version wasn't actually a hit either, but I'm not going to rub your noses in it). Personally I like both versions, so here's the cover.

1 comment:

  1. Never heard the original of Cairo before. Thanks for that