Saturday, 31 March 2018

Gig By Rigby

Last night we went to Clerkenwell, fighting our way through the woolly-hatted whisker-wearers to the Betsey Trotwood pub to see the great Amy Rigby promoting her new album. Someone who writes the sort of classic pop songs that she does shouldn't have to play in tiny rooms above pubs, but luckily for us the world is not a just place. It's a moral dilemma.

The new album is called "The Old Guys" and, judging by last night's set, it is well worth getting hold of. I have, and it is sitting on the top of my "not listened to yet" pile ready to go. In the meantime, here are a couple of oldies but goodies.

"Don't Break The Heart" - Amy Rigby

"Balls" - Amy Rigby

Amy roped her husband in to help out on bass guitar and backing vocals. He's done a few decent things in his time as well.

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